a hideaway in the heart of the city

Amid the rising tide of so many new projects in the CBD, the Catahoula Hotel is a small one that feels like it’s been here all along.
— New Orleans Advocate

The Catahoula Hotel is a 35-room boutique hotel in downtown New Orleans, located near the French Quarter and the Superdome. Originally built in 1845, the hotel resides in a restored creole townhouse nestled on a quiet side street in the Central Business District.

Our philosophy is simple: keep it casual, cozy, and above all, human. The Catahoula Hotel’s style of hospitality is not flashy or exclusive, nor is it predictable or contrived. This historic property was once a home and that is what drives our ethos – to welcome guests as we would someone into our own home, to care for them and do whatever it takes to ensure their time with us is as memorable as possible. It's old-fashioned maybe, but we simply couldn't have it any other way.