Get ready for the city’s hottest pisco powerhouse

eat and drink | at the catahoula

The Catahoula offers an exciting menu of pisco cocktails - from the classic Pisco Sour and Pisco Tonic to the inventive "Coolest Kid in Class". Our talented bar staff are some of the best known bartenders around New Orleans and brings their expertise and creativity to the innovative pisco program. 

Peruvian flavors resonate throughout the food menu. Dana Honn of Cafe Carmo researched and crafted the menu in Lima, Peru. Catahoula offers specialty dishes such as the Causa, a specialty potato dish with three Peruvian sauces: aji amarillo, crema de rocoto, and salsa verde and a variety of toppings. The Catahoula is proud to offer vegan and vegetarian dishes to suit a wide variety of palates. 

A boutique coffee program has been imagined by Bean Tech Eric Goldberg, who has selected PT's Coffee from Kansas City as the hotel's featured espresso. While traditional, darker roasted coffees can be comforting and pair quite well with milk, our coffee program takes a different approach. Each of our coffees explores nuance of flavor with a tailored roast profile that is often on the lighter end of the spectrum. Being so, flavors reveal themselves more as the coffee cools and are most clear without milk or sugar. They will be less bitter and roasty and more crisp and bright. Coffee is a seasonal crop, so in order to provide the freshest, our selections rotate with the harvests around the world. We hope that you find variety of flavor and origin as exciting as we do! Please ask for our current selections.