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POP-UP SERIES || BURNING HAMMER ((mexican x southern))


Nashville Hot Chicken Torta
Pickle brined chicken thigh. Bread & Butter pickles. Telera Roll.
69 (kinda hot) 420 (okay) 666 (well, alright. Damn!)

Sloppy Jose
Beef. Pork belly. SAUCE. pickled merliton and cabbage slaw.

Eloté Diggs
Grilled Corn. Black garlic mayo. Roasted chipotle butter. Cotija. Herbs. Spices. Scallions.

Papi's Fritas
Smoked red potatoes. Charred Louisiana shallots. Brussel sprout kimchi. Lardon. Curtido. Queso fresco. Fresnos.

Collard and carnitas/blackbean Papusa.
Braised collard greens. Fernented black beans. Pickled red onions. Cotija. Cilantro. Sorghum sour cream.

Put an egg on it: 1 buck
Play God: 3 buck

Later Event: June 13